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Cedar: a superb conifer

Cedar: a superb conifer

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The cedar is surely one of the most beautiful conifers and one of the most majestic.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Cedrus
Family : Pinaceae
Type : Conifer

: 2 to 40 m
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Ordinary

: Persistent

Cedar is resistant and rustic, it can grow to large sizes and live for several millennia.

Planting cedar

Although a conifer which generally appreciates rather acidic soils, cedar thrives in all types of soil, whether calcareous or acidic, even stony.

Cedar has resistance to cold and frost down to -20 °.

Cedar is majestic and can grow to an impressive size, which is why it is best plant in isolation and far from any habitation.

It is recommended plant cedar in the fall to promote rooting, although you can plant the cedar until spring, avoiding periods of frost.

  • Cedar appreciates well-drained soils because it fears standing water.
  • He prefers sunny but not scorching situations, especially at the beginning of his life.
  • Follow our planting tips.

Care and pruning of cedar

Cedar, once properly installed, is a tree that requires very little maintenance.

  • Regular watering the first year after planting will allow it to take root and grow in the best conditions.
  • Mulching also helps to maintain some moisture in the soil and prevents the growth of weeds. Maritime pine bark is highly recommended as a mulch.

Resistant to diseases, we hardly know any enemies.

Cedar size:

No pruning is really necessary but if some branches become brittle or die it is important to remove them before they fall.

If, on the other hand, it develops 2 arrows, it is possible to cut the less vigorous.

After many years, cedar can also weaken in certain places and become dangerous if certain branches fall.

This is the type of tree with which you should not hesitate to call on a pruner to judge its reliability and, if necessary, leave it to him to prune it properly.

Species and varieties of cedars

There are only 4 species of cedar but with different adult height from each other and various shapes and foliage.

  • The cedar of lebanon or Cedrus libani: Originally from Lebanon as its name suggests, it is very common. It is characterized by its bluish green foliage and can reach more than 25 m in height.
  • The Atlas cedar or Cedrus atlantica: Native to North Africa, the Atlas cedar is fast growing and characterized by its slender and highly ornamental habit with its bluish green foliage. Its wood is very aromatic. The Atlas cedar has many bifacts and virtues for health
  • the Cyprus cedar or Cedrus brevifolia: It is uncommon but vigorous. It can reach 25 m high and is characterized by small needles and great adaptability to the nature of the soil.
  • the Himalayan cedar or Cedrus deodara: It has a good growth and is characterized by its long drooping horizontal branches, giving it an aerial side. It can be sensitive to late frosts and can reach 30 m in height.

The cedar or cedrus is not to be confused with the tree which gives the essence of Red cedar or Red cedarwhich comes from the Western Red Cedar and is native to the west coast of North America, particularly Canada.

It is this wood that takes on a red tint as it ages and is used in the construction of houses and furniture.

Note that the thuja are called cedar in Canada but are not part of the same family.

To know about cedar

Very beautiful conifer, the cedar is native to Lebanon, of Middle East andHimalayas. He has perfectly acclimated to our regions.

The cedar of lebanon has become an emblem in this country, even if global warming is more and more threatening.

Both majestic and very ornamental, it grows rapidly and has a very long lifespan.

He is the symbol of longevity, certainly because of its long life expectancy of up to 2,000 years.

It is used not only to decorate parks and gardens, but also for the quality of its wood which goes into the composition of very beautiful furniture and which offers a particular smell.

Smart tip

Watering should be regular but not excessive during the first few summers to promote the rooting and growth of your cedar.

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