Amaryllis: a sumptuous plant

Amaryllis: a sumptuous plant

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Amaryllis is a beautiful bulbous plant that blooms in fall or winter indoors.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Hippeastrum
Family : Amaryllidaceae

Ground : Soil, well drained
Height: 30 to 60 cm

Exposure : Sunny - Flowering: December to May

  • Make your amaryllis bloom again
  • Make an amaryllis bloom

These tips for growing and caring for amaryllis will help you have very beautiful flowers. © akuptsova

How to plant an amaryllis

Amaryllis is normally cultivated during the fall and winter and it is precisely in the fall that the bulbs will have to be brought out to put them back in the ground.

Amaryllis in pots:

Choose a pot with a diameter large enough to accommodate the bulb and plant it right after buying it.

Take care to put it in a special potting soil for flowering plants or potting.

You will plant it between October and March depending on the desired flowering period.
For a blooming at christmas, plant your bulbs in October.

The amaryllis bulb should be planted so that the roots are at the bottom and the cut stem sticks out of the ground.

Yes you already have an amaryllis and you want to make it bloom again, consult our dedicated sheet:

  • Make your amaryllis bloom again
  • Make an amaryllis bloom

Amaryllis outdoors:

The culture ofamaryllis outdoors is not possible in France because winter is too cool for it to survive.

But if the climate allows it, that is to say that winter is mild enough in your home, plant your bulbs in spring, after any risk of frost, in a mixture of potting soil and garden soil.

To the end of flowering, once the foliage has wilted, you will have to bring out the bulbs and replant them the following spring, unless you are taking advantage of a winter when the temperature does not drop below 12 °.

For the storage of bulbs in winter, prefer a relatively dry, ventilated and dark place.

Maintenance and watering of amaryllis

Watering regular and fertilizer supply organic as soon as the bulb is planted.

Decrease then stop all watering when the foliage starts to fade.
Then put the bulbs in a cool, ventilated place and let the leaves fall off on their own.

From of the month of january, the bulb will resume its growing cycle.

  • Year after year, the flowers will be more beautiful and more abundant.

Amaryllis after flowering

When your amaryllis has finished flowering, now is not the time to cut the foliage, quite the contrary ...

After flowering, you can make an amaryllis bloom again the following year. In fact, amaryllis bulbs bloom again from one year to the next, provided they are well preserved.

A rest period is necessary from the end of flowering until the following fall, it lasts at least 2 months and should take place in a rather cool and dry place.

After flowering it is necessary continue to water the plant when the earth is dry by adding every 15 days a 1/2 dose of fertilizer for flowering plants. It is after flowering and before the foliage wilts that the plant builds up its reserves for the next flowering.

  • Follow our advice for farea re-bloom your amaryllis after flowering

Things to know about amaryllis

Amaryllis is fromtropical origin and more precisely from tropical America. Its name was borrowed from the Belladonna amaryllis which is the true Amaryllis because those grown in pots and are in fact hippeastrum.

It is well known for its superb flowering, generous and colorful.

If it usually flowers in spring, amaryllis is also found in commerce from the start of the Christmas time.

You should know that in order to flower during this period, the bulbs have been forced out but this is not their normal flowering time.

This should not prevent you from keep your bulbs carefully after flowering because it will be possible for you of make your amaryllis bloom again!

Smart tip

As houseplants, on your patio or in a bed, Amaryllis will go perfectly with green plants or shrubs in your garden.

  • here's how make your amaryllis bloom

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