Sacred gourds!

Sacred gourds!

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Easy to grow in the kitchen garden, cucurbits have a wide variety of fruits that can be enjoyed from late summer to early spring.

Squash Butternut, spaghetti and musky, pumpkin, pumpkin, patidou… Squashes offer a very wide range of shapes, tastes and colors.

We enjoy it in purees, soups, gratins, or for the sweeter (such as Butternut, pumpkin and patidou, with the good taste of chestnuts), simply roasted in the oven with a drizzle of oil and flower of salt.

Rich in fiber, vitamins and low in calories, these squash are great in fall and winter because they keep very well throughout the cold season.

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Sowing and planting squash in spring

Like the tomatoes, the squash are greedy people who need a very rich land. It is therefore essential to make a generous contribution of compost to the vegetable garden before planting.

The sowing is done in April, inside. Place your buckets near a heat source; sow one to two seeds per pot, in potting soil. After a month, transplant your young plants in the garden, spacing them a meter or two depending on the variety.

Slugs and snails love them, protect them by surrounding them with a bead of ash that you will renew after each rain.

Depending on how much space you have in the garden, you can let your squash run across the ground or use tendrils to lift them up. Mulch the feet of your plants to a good thickness (20 cm) and water once a week in summer if it is dry, avoiding wetting the leaves.

The squash harvest is done in early fall at the first frosts. Squash picked at the end of autumn can be stored for several months in a dry room, at a temperature between 10 and 20 ° C.

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