Arugula: an easy-to-grow salad

Arugula: an easy-to-grow salad

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Arugula has become one of the essential salads on our plates.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Eruca sativa
Family : Brassicaceae
Type : Annual

: 20 to 25 cm
Exposure : Sunny, partial shade
Ground : Ordinary

Harvest : 2 months after sowing

Maintenance from growing to harvest is easy and the result deliciously tasty.

Planting, sowing arugula

There are 2 periods for sowing rocket, fromapril to august for a harvest from June to November and in September October for a harvest in spring.

It is recommended sow in place from the month ofApril and until the end of the month August.

  • Arugula go to seed quickly in hot weather, which is why it is best to avoid growing it in the middle of summer if you are worried about hot weather.

It makes sense tospread the seedlings to prolong the harvest as much as possible. Some varieties resistant to cold.

  • Loosen the soil so as to have a light soil
  • Make furrows 1 to 2 cm deep
  • Space the furrows 20-25 cm
  • Space the seeds evenly

When the plants have a few leaves, thin out by removing the weakest so as to leave a plant every 5 to 10 cm. Emergence usually takes place about ten days after sowing and thinning can be done immediately after the appearance of the first leaves.

  • When thinning, be careful not to damage the plants that will remain in place because they are still fragile.

Arugula maintenance

Plant easy to maintain par excellence, arugula calls for little care if notwater regularly if it's not raining.

The lack of water actually accelerates the rise to seed, which makes the leaves more prickly.

  • Keep the soil cool
  • Hoe regularly
  • Remove weeds

Arugula harvest

You will be able to carry out your first harvest approximately 6 weeks after sowing, in spring or fall.

You will pull the leaves as needed by cutting the leaves flush with the ground

  • Prefer young leaves for their milder taste
  • Leave the plants in place which will give new leaves

Note that you can sow rocket relatively late and with a soft rear and protection from the first frosts you can harvest all winter.

Good to know about growing arugula

Her culture is relatively simple because it adapts to practically all grounds as well as all the exposures.
Arugula is part of the same family as other well-known vegetables such as cabbage and broccoli.

Well known for its strong taste, arugula is no less rich in nutritional value.

We gladly mix it with lamb's lettuce or a good lettuce so raise the taste, or simply nature with a tomato fresh, Cherry tomatoes or a cucumber and peppers that will sweeten the taste.

Finally, know that arugula has a great antioxidant power and therefore protects against aging and certain diseases such as cancer.

Smart tip

Do not pull out the roots of the plant, but just cut the leaves as needed in order to provoke new growth and enjoy them longer.

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