Vegetables and herbs to plant in late summer

Vegetables and herbs to plant in late summer

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The end of summer does not mean the end of vegetable crops but the start of new plantings, which will yield harvests until autumn and winter.

With an increasingly lenient late season, August is an excellent month to start new crops in the vegetable garden.

Here are some ideas of vegetables and aromatic herbs that you can grow in the garden or in the vegetable patch from August.


It's not too late to sow some basil, which will take advantage of the summer heat to grow quickly and provide delicious aromatic leaves in the fall.

Incomparable flavor, basil is tasted rather fresh because, when dried, it tends to lose its aromatic properties.

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We do not miss the cultivation of beets!

Even if they fail to form large apples, small beets are delicious and often taste finer than when left to grow fat.

Eaten both raw and cooked, beets are ideal in salads.

  • Here's how to grow beets


Broccoli is a quick-growing cabbage that will have no trouble harvesting before the first frost of winter.

Harvest as soon as the tops are well formed, there is no point in waiting for the flowers to open as it becomes indigestible.

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You might fear that it will be difficult to sow carrots at the end of summer, but it is quite possible to get started in this crop from August.

The soil becomes softer and, after being loosened and watered, it becomes possible to sow carrots for a harvest in the fall and winter.

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Brussels sprouts

Some love it, others hate it, but no one is indifferent to Brussels sprouts.

If the late season allows it, you will harvest delicious Brussels sprouts before winter. Otherwise, a small greenhouse should allow you to reach the end of the culture beyond the first frosts

  • Here's how to grow Brussels sprouts

Chinese cabbage

Chinese cabbage is a sweet vegetable with a fine and delicate flavor.

Ideal in cooking, cooked or in salads, it is easily cultivated.

  • Here's how to grow Chinese cabbage


Obviously, we no longer present the kale, its benefits and virtues for health but also its resistance to winter cold which makes it a winter vegetable par excellence.

  • Here's how to grow kale


Cucumbers are very fast growing fruits / vegetables.

If you know you will be enjoying a nice late season, it is quite possible to get into cucumber cultivation in late summer.

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Spinach is finicky because it dreads cold as much as hot.

Late summer is therefore an ideal time to sow and grow spinach.

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Once the summer heat has passed, it's time to resume growing lettuce.

Quick and easy, it won't take long to harvest beautiful summer and fall lettuce.

By spacing out the seedlings in time, you can ensure much longer harvests.

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Chewed up

Lamb's lettuce grows anywhere and often succeeds even in the heat of summer.

Spread out the seedlings to have even fresher leaves longer and to be able to harvest them until the first winter frosts.

  • Here's how to grow lamb's lettuce


Like beets, the roots and leaves of turnips are edible. Although it will take almost 2 months before you see your first turnip crops, it is enough to see them fully mature before the first winter frosts.

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Whether flat or curly, parsley is an herb that has many uses in cooking.

It is appreciated to season salad, flavor a sauce, meat or fish.

Emergence is quick and cultivation easy, both in the vegetable garden and on a terrace or balcony.

  • Here's how to grow parsley


You won't have a problem growing leeks in late summer, either, once the soil is less dry and the first autumn rains come to water this delicious fall and winter vegetable.

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A flagship product for fall and winter, it's still time to plant new potato plants.

This is the guarantee of making good harvests before winter and why not extend it afterwards with a tunnel that will keep the soil at temperature.

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Round, red roses or long and white, radishes are as varied as they are easy to grow.

In loose soil, you can sow your radishes all fall.

Space the seedlings for more frequent harvests with crunchy radishes.

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Arugula is often eaten raw and appreciated for its pungent, peppery flavor. It is used in salads but also in cooked dishes such as lasagna or pizzas.

Easy to grow, the harvest is often abundant.

If you sow arugula, multiply the varieties to vary the pleasures and flavors

  • Here's how to grow arugula

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