Heather (Calluna): planting and advice on caring for it

Heather (Calluna): planting and advice on caring for it

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Heather is a very pretty little plant with a long and generous flowering.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Calluna
Family : Ericaceae
Type : Heather land plant, perennial.

: 10 to 50 cm
Exposure : Sunny and partial shade
Ground : Heathland

Foliage : Persistent -Flowering : Summer and autumn

  • Here are our tips for cultivating winter heather well

Follow our gardening tips for heather, maintenance is easy and the decorative effect is guaranteed!

Planting heather

For the heather calluna, prefer a plantation in spring to achieve flowering in late summer.

Regarding the heather erica you will crash at the late summer or fall.

Water generously at the beginning and do not hesitate to mulch with maritime pine bark.

  • Untangle the roots at the base
  • Soak the root ball in water for a few minutes
  • Add heather soil to that of your garden to grow well
  • The erica variety supports clayey soils, see limestone
  • Growth is relatively slow
  • Find out how well plant a heather earth plant.

Heather in a pot, it is possible:

Thanks to its relatively slow growth, heather adapts very well to pot culture.

You will be surprised to see that this plant can remain for several years in a pot 30 cm deep.

  • Take care ofwater regularly, especially in summer because in pots the earth dries much faster.

Maintenance of heather

The heather is a plant if undemanding that she hardly deserves any maintenance.

  • Light pruning after flowering without touching old wood.
  • Watering in case of prolonged drought.
  • Apply fertilizer for heather in the spring.

To know about heather

The heather is a small shrub that presents as many varieties as there is flowering period.

  • By alternating calluna heather and heather erica you will have flowers all year round ...
  • The callunas (or callunes) have flowers in spikes and bloom from summer to fall.
  • The ericas have the flowers in umbels and bloom from fall to winter.

This perennial has a covering power interesting as much as its bushy effect and his abundant flowering guarantee a very nice result for your garden.

In bloom for 5 months of the year, the common heather only claims low maintenance and will adapt as well to your embankments, rockeries and borders as to your planters.

It's also on your balconies and terraces that it will find its place perfectly because its culture in pot is ideal and its low maintenance makes it a particularly easy plant to maintain.

The heather we call winter heather is the heather erica while the summer heather is the calluna

Smart tip about heather

You can put them with camellias, rhododendrons or some azaleas, this will allow you to maintain soil acidity in one place.

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