Prunus laurocerasus rotundifolia: pruning and maintenance

Prunus laurocerasus rotundifolia: pruning and maintenance

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Prunus laurocerasus is a shrub just as attractive in summer as it is in winter thanks to its evergreen, dense and shiny foliage.

Ideal for setting up a hedge, this is one of the most used.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Prunus laurocerasus "rotundifolia"
Family : Rosaceae
Type: Shrub

: 1 to 5 m
Exposure : Sunny to shade
Ground : Ordinary

Flowering: April -Foliage : Persistent

Planting of Prunus laurocerasus "rotundifolia"

Prunus laurocerasus "rotundifolia" can be planted from October to March with a preference for fall to promote rooting before winter.

In a hedge, separate each foot at least 80 cm to 1 m.

  • The Prunus laurocerasus ‘rotundifolia’ likes rather sunny situations
  • It tolerates all types of soil
  • Find our advice planting shrubs

Pruning of Prunus laurocerasus "rotundifolia"

Prune your Prunus laurocerasus "rotundifolia" in spring and fall.

It is a shrub that does not fear pruning, even if it is severe.

  • In hedges, prefer annual pruning in the fall, in descending sap, if you want to contain its growth
  • The more you prune in the spring, the more quickly and vigorously your shrubs will develop.
  • Find our advice for prune the shrubs well

To know about the Prunus laurocerasus "rotundifolia"

The Prunus laurocerasus "rotundifolia" which is also often called "Cherry Laurel Has more than 200 species.

It is rustic and adapts perfectly to the creation of hedges for its opacity qualities, its dark green and its very characteristic white flowers.

Smart tip about Prunus "rotundifolia"

Favor pruning at the end of the season so as not to alter the spring flowering.

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