Popular parrot tulips

Popular parrot tulips

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Since the 17th century, we have loved parrot tulips.

But what exactly does this mean for the tulip and why do we still love it so much?

(Photo credit: Ibulb,Wouter Koppen)

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Desires and tulip parrot

In the 17th century, a subject adorned many paintings: the parrot tulip. In 1665, people were crazy about these flowers. It is in fact a wonderful piece of living art, one even more luxurious than the other. Even after the peak of flowering, these tulips remain fascinating. And it is because of these many bright colors that they are called parrot tulips. However, it is mainly the two-colored species that attract attention. The peculiarity is that all the flowers have a little green on the petals.

Parrot tulip and spontaneity

Parrot tulips are in fact a gift from nature. The shapes of the bizarre flowers were not developed by humans, but were caused by spontaneous mutations of an ordinary tulip. They are known for the imposing corollas that can be up to 12 centimeters in diameter, with contrasting black stamens. The petals are twisted or fringed, often two-tone and flamed or with the colors mixed chaotically. Real little gems for the garden.

Real little gems

These beauties do not let themselves be forced, because parrot tulips do not bloom until the end of April / beginning of May. The wait will be rewarded.

  • Plant them tulips in the garden between September and December, and discover how special they are.
  • Put them in a sunny to half-sunny place.

After the long, elegant stems have reached 50 centimeters in height, the flowers can display their elegance.

The buds open slowly, but surely, thanks to the warmth of the sun, after which the beautiful colors are finally visible.

Tips about the parrot tulip

  • Did you know that parrot tulips do well in pots or planters?
  • Do you have a vegetable patch or a flower garden to pick? Then plant a large number there, cut them when they are going to flower and put them in a vase.

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