Pollution control plants: what is it really?

Pollution control plants: what is it really?

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There are depolluting plants capable of cleaning the air in our interiors.

Much more polluted than it looks, the interior of our homes and apartments is loaded with invisible chemicals that most plants are able to absorb!

This article is composed of 2 parts, the second is devoted to the main depolluting plants and their virtues.

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To know about the air in our interiors

The air in our homes is loaded with invisible toxic substances that are harmful to our bodies.

  • The majority of the materials that make up our house as well as the cleaning products contain a large amount of harmful substances for our health.
  • Paints, detergents, deodorants, insecticides, solvents, etc… are all concentrations of benzene, xylene, formaldehyde or even toluene which contribute to pollution.

After a series of studies carried out by French (Phyt’air) and American (Nasa) laboratories, it turns out that a good number of plants can help us to evacuate or at least to absorb most of these substances.

Pollution control mechanism with plants

If this mechanism is sometimes questioned by certain studies, research carried out on plants shows that there is an indisputable beneficial effect on the quality of the air we breathe.

  • The principle of depollution is based on a gas exchange.
  • The harmful substances present in the air are absorbed by the plant through its foliage and are transformed into organic matter active thanks to its root system.
  • The plant then emits Significantly healthier Co2 than she absorbed before.
  • She improved thus the quality of the air inside the house and also the level of oxygen.
  • Obviously, the more the plant grows, the more efficient this process will be.

Most active depolluting plants

The majority of plants play an important role in this process and it is even shown that a beautiful plant every 10 m2 significantly improves air purity.

However, some plants, depending on their characteristics, are much more effective than others:

=> Then find the main depolluting plants with their virtues

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